Monday, February 18, 2013

Our household grows by one

You heard right!  Ann Martin is home!!  It is still pretty surreal, I find myself staring at her often.  I am probably creating a monster but I can't keep my hands off of her.

Many have asked how our first night was.  The room-in at the hospital was not so smooth.  She acted like she had her nights and days confused.  Also could have been that she was in a different room with new sounds and smells.  Not sure but I do know that all she wanted was to eat and be held.  The crib was for the birds.  So, mommy here got very little sleep.  She did cry/scream some that night but more so than anything, she grunts and squeals a lot.  This made me uneasy not knowing what she needed or if she was just making noises. mom said last night here to help me.  We are trying to keep her on her NICU schedule so I fed at 11 PM, mama at 2 am, me at 5am and Rob at 8am.  She said in my mom's room and she did not rest well either because of the grunting/squealing.  Guess we will be taking turns who she sleeps with (in her bassinet).

She has done pretty good today.  She took a great nap between 2pm-5pm.   She likes her swing a lot until her paci falls out.  I am so torn whether or not to give it back to her every time.  I of course have because I don't like her screaming...I am worried her breathing will suffer if she gets too worked up.  She still head bobs if she gets out of breath...

Pictures to come!

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